Goubard Anthony

Leerdamhof 247
1108 BW Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 20 697 02 33
E-mail: anthony.goubard@japplis.com
Age: 36 years old
Nationality: French
Web site: http://www.japplis.com
Blog: http://www.jroller.com/agoubard



Sun Java certified developer (137/155).


NT2 Exam Programma II.
Official exam for Dutch as second language.


Sun certified programmer (93%).


DIIC (Diplôme d'Ingénieur en Informatique et téléCommunication)
IFSIC, university of Rennes I, France .
Equivalent to a post graduate degree in computer science.


DEUG A (BAC + 2 en Maths, Physiques et informatique).
University of Maine, Le Mans, France.
Equivalent to a bachelor's degree in maths, physics and computer science.


Baccalaureat section C (Maths, physics).
Lycée Gabriel Touchard, Le Mans, France.



Released Japplis Website Optimizer Lite 1.0. http://website-optimizer.japplis.com/lite/


Released web sites http://learn-language.japplis.com , http://translator.japplis.com and http://effects.japplis.com


Updated softwares: JLearnIt 5.0, XINS 2.2, Ant Commander 1.4, Decoration 1.2, Discotheek 1.2, Japplis Website Optimizer 2.0.


Development of Japplis Speech, an online text-to-speech application: http://speech.japplis.com
Technologies used: FreeTTS, Self-developed framework.


Senior Software Engineer and Solution Architect at PensioenPage from February 2008 until December 2008. Development of web services as freelance.
Technologies used: XINS, Ant, Lucene, XSLT, Java 5, Mule.


Development of Japplis Website Optimizer: http://website-optimizer.japplis.com
Technologies used: YUI-compressor, Jericho HTML, Self-developed framework.


Development of Japplis Toolbox, a collection of utilities for developers: http://toolbox.japplis.com
Technologies used: Commons-codec, NetBeans plug-in, Self-developed framework.


Development of Decoration, a photo editor: http://decoration.japplis.com
Technologies used: Java SE 5, Swing application framework, Java2D, SwingX


Development of the web site http://www.japplis.com


Senior Software engineer at Wanadoo from March 2004 until September 2007 in The Netherlands.
Wanadoo has been renamed to Orange Nederland Breedband in 2006.
Development of XINS (http://www.xins.org). XINS is an open-source Web Services framework.
The project started in 2002 and I became the main developer of it in 2004. I added new features, unit tests, examples and documentation.
Presentation of the XINS framework at Javapolis in 2006.
Development of part of the back-end part for the Wanadoo Registration Channel.
Development of several Web Services used internally or by partners.
Technologies often used: JDK1.4, XSLT, Ant, Servlet, HttpClient, Log4J, JUnit, XML, NetBeans, OpenOffice and Docbook.
Other technologies used: Spring framework, HttpUnit, Generics, Swing, Cobertura, PMD, FindBugs, CheckStyle, Groovy, Maven 2, JMeter, LDAP, CVS, SOAP, WSDL, XML Schema, XPath, Ajax, Dojo toolkit, JSON, REST, XML-RPC, Jameleon, ESB, SOA, Windows Installer.


Development of Ant Commander (http://www.antcommander.com).
Ant Commander is a file manager written in Java (Java 1.4) and using Swing, Ant and Apache commons-vfs.


Development of JLearnItME (http://www.jlearnit.com/jlearnitme).
JLearnItME is a Java ME (MIDP 1.0 and MIDP 2.0) multilingual dictionary.
A part of the code is based on JLearnItPDA which was developed for Palm OS and Pocket PC using the SuperWaba VM.


Software engineer at Tryllian from March 99 until May 2003 in The Netherlands.
Development of an Agent Development Kit (http://www.tryllian.org).
Development of Gossip, a search application written with Swing and using agents.
Development of a Servlet to visualize the agents in our system.
As most of my colleagues were Dutch, I also learned Dutch while working.
Technologies used: JDK 1.2, Swing, Docbook, Ant, Servlet, JUnit, JMS, EJB, InstantDB, Derby and SNMP


Development of JLearnIt (http://www.jlearnit.com)
JLearnIt is a multilingual dictionary written in Java (Java 1.2) that also helps to learn new vocabulary. JLearnIt is a Swing application.


Intranet Ingénieur at FISystem from december 96 to june 98.
Development of a client/server application at Dassault Aviation. This application allows to upload documents (files and data) on a server. The information is stored in a database and the document is saved in a special directory.
Technologies used: JDBC, sockets, Servlet, AWT and ZIP.


Realisation during a four month placement at British Telecom Laboratories in England of a whiteboard Applet using Java 1.0 and HORB for the communication.
Learned: Java, English language, UNIX, client-server applications with Java and HTML.


Operating systems:
Windows, Unix.

Java (Swing, Java SE, Java ME, Java EE), Ant, HTML, XSLT.

OpenOffice, JEdit, NetBeans.

Additional information

French level: read, spoken, written (fluent).
English level: read, spoken, written (good).
Dutch level: read, spoken, written (good).
Spanish level: read school (beginner).

Hobbies : squash, tennis, table tennis, swimming and synthesizer.
Driving licence.