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Ant Commander 1.2 released

Ant Commander 1.2 has been released. Ant Commander is a file manager. It is based on commons-vfs for file systems New features include: – A thumbnails panel – Runnable as applet home page, changes, screenshots, download.

JLearnIt 4.1 released

JLearnIt 4.1 has been released JLearnIt is a multilingual dictionary that also helps you learn vocabulary progressively. It contains 15 languages and also accepts other kinds of table such as countries with capitals. New features include: – Improved vocabulary – Spanish UI – Bug fixes home page, changes, screenshots, download. launched

Today I launch This site contains applications and applets that I’ve develped over the last few years. It is separated in several categories and will allow for visitors to use them without installing them. There is also now the possibilities for companies to install JLearnIt (here)  and Ant Commander (here) as applets on their intranet, extranet or internet web site.