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Added NAVO phonetic code

I’ve added a new applet to view and learn NAVO phonetic code (a = alpha, b = bravo, …)

Released new software: Japplis Toolbox

Today I’m releasing another software: Japplis Toolbox This application is a developer toolbox with small utilities. It allow encoding and decoding of URL, Base64, Hex, convertion of long to date, decimal to hexadecimal, lists the system properties, swing UI defaults, environment variables, the character map with the police and charset encoding and even more.

Released new software: Discotheek

Today I’m releasing another solftware: Discotheek Discotheek is to transform your PC (or Mac) or should I say your monitor into a spotlight. The spotlight can change the color of the screen for colors to colors quickly and it can also emulate a stroboscope.