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Released JLearnIt 4.2

JLearnIt is a multilingual dictionary which also helps to learn another language. It can also be used as translator. Main changes are better Mac OS X support, a few bugs fixed and new Run Online action. The links: Homepage Screenshots Download Online dictionaries

Released Japplis Website Optimizer 0.8

Today I’ve released Japplis Website Optimizer 0.8 Japplis Website Optimizer is a software that will speed-up your web site. With this tool you can expect to reduce the size of your web site by more than 2, making it faster to show and saving you bandwidth. More info: Website Optimizer homepage Download Website Optimizer Website […]

Released Decoration 1.1

Today I’ve released Decoration 1.1. Decoration is an image editor. Decoration includes more than 100 filters that can be combined. It allows you for example to add shadows, frame your pictures, add watermark. It is more specialized for treating photo albums than images individually. What’s new: Better Mac OS X support More effects Improved usability […]

Released Discotheek 1.1

Today I’ve released Discotheek 1.1. Discotheek is a small utility that change your monitor into a spot light. You can turn it to light, dark, color spot light, strobo or for zen atmosphere. What’s new: Better Mac OS X support Added load and save preferences Added lava lamp effect Fixed bugs More info: Discotheek homepage […]

Released Japplis Toolbox 1.1

Today I’ve released Japplis Toolbox 1.1. Japplis Toolbox is an Java/web developer toobox. It includes several text tools including MD5, SHA, word count, character count, base64, url encoding, character table and convertions. What’s new: Better Mac OS X support Faster applet start-up More info: Japplis Toolbox homepage Download Japplis Toolbox Run Japplis Toolbox online