Discotheek 1.2 Released

I’ve just released Discotheek 1.2. Discotheek a freeware that generates flashes.

Discotheek uses the monitor of the computer as light source, switch colors to emulate a color spot light.
Discotheek has different modes such as rainbow, stroboscope, light (only white), dark (only black), lava lamp (slowly fading colors).

What’s new:
* More online pages with predefined configurations: Online Spotlight, Online Strobe, Online Zen, Online Light, Online Dark.
* Fixed problem when loading and saving parameters
* Hide mouse cursor in full screen mode
* Availability as portable application for Windows

Discotheek is free and available at http://discotheek.japplis.com.
It also runs online at http://discotheek.japplis.com/runonline.html.