Japplis Toolbox 1.2 Released

Japplis Toolbox 1.2 has been released, an application containing a set of utilities for developers and for text manipulation.
Japplis Toolbox is free and available as application, as applet or as NetBeans plug-in.

Japplis Toolbox includes:

  • Encoding / Decoding: URL, Base64, hexadecimal, hex or binary
  • Java System Properties, Environment Variables, Swing Defaults
  • Text: character count, word count, MD5, SHA, XML Validate
  • Charater map
  • Pattern: long to date, match regexp, contains regexp

What’s new:

  • Upgraded to Apache Commons Codec 1.4
  • Also available as standalone executable for Windows
  • Plug-in repacked with NetBeans 6.7.1
  • Sort lines
  • Reverse lines
  • shuffle lines
  • Add line number
  • Delete duplicated lines
  • Trim spaces
  • Extract words
  • Split regexp
  • Hash code