Japplis Pastel 1.0 Released – Online Photo Effects

I’ve just released Japplis Pastel 1.0.
Japplis Pastel is a free online photo editor with a different approach than the standard one.
In standard photo editor, users need to know which effect they want to apply to a photo.
With Japplis Pastel, users can see their photos with more than 80 differents effects. They then just need to select the ones they prefer and save them.
Most of the time this results in choosing effects different than the users had in mind or saving the photo with different effects.
Japplis Pastel 1.0 is available for free at http://pastel.japplis.com/.
Official press release: http://www.japplis.com/resources/pr/pr-pastel-10.html

Screenshot of Japplis Pastel