Japplis Page Reader released

Japplis releases Japplis Page Reader, an online application that speaks the given text to the visitors of the web site.

Japplis Page Reader can be set in a small corner of the web page to deliver audio text to the persons visiting the web page.

Uses of this application includes
* Blind or visual impairment visitors.
* Visitors for who it’s easier or faster to listen to the text than to read it.
* Visitors willing to do something else while listening to the web site.
* Visitors willing to read the site during working hours but don’t want their boss to see it. (Using ear-plugs/headphones).
* Visitors willing to read the site with their notebook closed.
* Visitors willing to read the site during their commute in their car or in public transport.
* Deliver important messages that the visitors may miss when scanning the page.

The buttons play, pause, stop can be configured. The audio can be started when the page is loaded or when the user click on play/start.
The text can be a part of the web page or a specified text. The text to speak can also be “injected” in the application in JavaScript after the page is loaded or on a user action.

Japplis Page Reader works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.