Japplis Dictaphone released

I’ve just release Japplis Dictaphone.
Japplis Dictaphone is an online voice recorder.

Japplis Dictaphone can also read previous audio files recorded. The toolbar with record/stop/play can be dragged out of the browser for easier use.
Recorded messages can be saved as WAV files on the local hard disk and loaded/played later (no audio data is sent to the server).

Japplis Dictaphone is free and available at http://dictaphone.japplis.com/

Japplis Dictaphone runs in your browser (IE,Safari,Firefox,Chrome,Opera) on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Japplis Toolbox 2.0 released

Japplis Toolbox is a developer toolbox that contains a lot of small tools often
useful for developers or for small text manipulation.

Example of tools included: base64 encoding and decoding, URL encoding and decoding,
lists Java properties, lists Swing properties, MD5, SHA-1, character count, word count,
find regular expression, sort lines, delete duplicate lines, trim spaces and more.

What’s new:

  • Sort lines by length.
  • Join lines.
  • Keep regular expression.
  • Remove regular expression.
  • Support for regular expression groups in keep/remove.
  • Prefix lines with text.
  • Add text at the end of lines (Suffix).
  • Remove empty lines.
  • Delete every 2 lines (Delete 1 out of 2).
  • SHA-256.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes

Run online(Applet)


Screenshot (more screenshots)

codec tab

Japplis Page Reader released

Japplis releases Japplis Page Reader, an online application that speaks the given text to the visitors of the web site.

Japplis Page Reader can be set in a small corner of the web page to deliver audio text to the persons visiting the web page.

Uses of this application includes
* Blind or visual impairment visitors.
* Visitors for who it’s easier or faster to listen to the text than to read it.
* Visitors willing to do something else while listening to the web site.
* Visitors willing to read the site during working hours but don’t want their boss to see it. (Using ear-plugs/headphones).
* Visitors willing to read the site with their notebook closed.
* Visitors willing to read the site during their commute in their car or in public transport.
* Deliver important messages that the visitors may miss when scanning the page.

The buttons play, pause, stop can be configured. The audio can be started when the page is loaded or when the user click on play/start.
The text can be a part of the web page or a specified text. The text to speak can also be “injected” in the application in JavaScript after the page is loaded or on a user action.

Japplis Page Reader works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Decoration 2.0 released

Japplis has released Decoration 2.0. Decoration is an application specialized in applying effects to photo albums.

To use Decoration, 3 steps are needed. The first one is the selection the photos, then the selection of the effects to apply and finally setting the output options before clicking on the start button.
Decoration contains more than 100 effects including color border, gradient frame, round corners, drop shadow, mirror, blur, reduce noise, tint, mosaic, superpose text, watermark, rotate, zoom, crop, brightness, contrast, gamma, glow, bend, sharpen, change transparency, oil, emboss, bump or edge.

What’s new:

  • More than 80 preconfigured set of effects.
  • Several improvements in the preview panel such as possibility to use the mouse whell to zoom in and out.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Improved default values for a few effects.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes.

Decoration is a shareware but it can be run for free online at http://decoration.japplis.com/runonline.html
No registration is needed and the photos are not uploaded to a server.

Decoration is available at http://decoration.japplis.com/
Decoration works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Online text to speech application Japplis Speech 1.2 has been released

I’ve just released Japplis Speech 1.2.

Japplis Speech is a text to speech application, that includes the possibility to read the text while you’re typing it.

In this release the start-up has been greatly improved.
This release also includes Japplis Speech + which is the similar to Japplis Speech.
It’s a bit slower to start but the voice quality is better than the standard Japplis Speech.

Japplis Pastel 1.0 Released – Online Photo Effects

I’ve just released Japplis Pastel 1.0.
Japplis Pastel is a free online photo editor with a different approach than the standard one.
In standard photo editor, users need to know which effect they want to apply to a photo.
With Japplis Pastel, users can see their photos with more than 80 differents effects. They then just need to select the ones they prefer and save them.
Most of the time this results in choosing effects different than the users had in mind or saving the photo with different effects.
Japplis Pastel 1.0 is available for free at http://pastel.japplis.com/.
Official press release: http://www.japplis.com/resources/pr/pr-pastel-10.html

Screenshot of Japplis Pastel

Japplis Toolbox 1.2 Released

Japplis Toolbox 1.2 has been released, an application containing a set of utilities for developers and for text manipulation.
Japplis Toolbox is free and available as application, as applet or as NetBeans plug-in.

Japplis Toolbox includes:

  • Encoding / Decoding: URL, Base64, hexadecimal, hex or binary
  • Java System Properties, Environment Variables, Swing Defaults
  • Text: character count, word count, MD5, SHA, XML Validate
  • Charater map
  • Pattern: long to date, match regexp, contains regexp

What’s new:

  • Upgraded to Apache Commons Codec 1.4
  • Also available as standalone executable for Windows
  • Plug-in repacked with NetBeans 6.7.1
  • Sort lines
  • Reverse lines
  • shuffle lines
  • Add line number
  • Delete duplicated lines
  • Trim spaces
  • Extract words
  • Split regexp
  • Hash code

Japplis Pastel Beta Released

Today I’ve released the beta version of Japplis Pastel.
Japplis Pastel is a new application that applies different effects to your images.
The application is done for people who don’t know which effect looks the best on their photos.
As Japplis Pastel will show you a preview of your photo with different effects, you just need to select the ones you prefer and save/copy/drag them.

Japplis Pastel runs online for free at http://pastel.japplis.com
As for Decoration, no account is needed and the photos are not uploaded to a server (unlike most of online photo editors).

Here is a screenshot:
Japplis Pastel Screenshot

Discotheek 1.2 Released

I’ve just released Discotheek 1.2. Discotheek a freeware that generates flashes.

Discotheek uses the monitor of the computer as light source, switch colors to emulate a color spot light.
Discotheek has different modes such as rainbow, stroboscope, light (only white), dark (only black), lava lamp (slowly fading colors).

What’s new:
* More online pages with predefined configurations: Online Spotlight, Online Strobe, Online Zen, Online Light, Online Dark.
* Fixed problem when loading and saving parameters
* Hide mouse cursor in full screen mode
* Availability as portable application for Windows

Discotheek is free and available at http://discotheek.japplis.com.
It also runs online at http://discotheek.japplis.com/runonline.html.

Japplis Website Optimizer Lite 1.0 Released

I’ve just released Japplis Website Optimizer Lite.
Japplis Website Optimizer Lite is freeware and is a subset of the already existing Japplis Website Optimizer application.
Japplis Website Optimizer Lite optimizes HTML pages and reduce the size by more than half making the page to be downloaded faster and saving bandwidth.
Japplis Website Optimizer Lite also adds width, height and alt attributes to images if missing.
Japplis Website Optimizer Lite is available at http://website-optimizer.japplis.com/lite/ or you can run it online here.

Japplis Website Optimizer Lite Screenshot