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Japplis Dictaphone released

I’ve just release Japplis Dictaphone. Japplis Dictaphone is an online voice recorder. Japplis Dictaphone can also read previous audio files recorded. The toolbar with record/stop/play can be dragged out of the browser for easier use. Recorded messages can be saved as WAV files on the local hard disk and loaded/played later (no audio data is […]

Japplis Page Reader released

Japplis releases Japplis Page Reader, an online application that speaks the given text to the visitors of the web site. Japplis Page Reader can be set in a small corner of the web page to deliver audio text to the persons visiting the web page. Uses of this application includes * Blind or visual impairment […]

Decoration 2.0 released

Japplis has released Decoration 2.0. Decoration is an application specialized in applying effects to photo albums. To use Decoration, 3 steps are needed. The first one is the selection the photos, then the selection of the effects to apply and finally setting the output options before clicking on the start button. Decoration contains more than […]

Japplis Pastel 1.0 Released – Online Photo Effects

I’ve just released Japplis Pastel 1.0. Japplis Pastel is a free online photo editor with a different approach than the standard one. In standard photo editor, users need to know which effect they want to apply to a photo. With Japplis Pastel, users can see their photos with more than 80 differents effects. They then […]

Japplis Pastel Beta Released

Today I’ve released the beta version of Japplis Pastel. Japplis Pastel is a new application that applies different effects to your images. The application is done for people who don’t know which effect looks the best on their photos. As Japplis Pastel will show you a preview of your photo with different effects, you just […]

New Online Effects Web Site Released

Along with the release of Decoration 1.2, I’ve released a new web site to apply effects to your photo albums. The new web site is You first choose which effect you want to apply to your photos, then add the photos to the left panel, click on the Play button and save the files […]

New Version (1.1) of Japplis Speech (Online Text To Speech)

I’ve released a new version of Japplis Speech. Japplis Speech is an online text-to-speech application that can speak while you’re typing. What’s new: Progress bar while loading voice Improved typing while loading voice Small bug fixes Check it out at It’s free and doesn’t require an account.

Online File Manager, Ant Commander 1.4 released

Ant Commander 1.4, a free file manager online and offline has been released. Ant Commander is a file manager that can perform classic file operations such as copy, move, create directory, execute files. Ant Commander supports different file systems such as local files, zip files, ftp, sftp or webdav. It also contains different panels such […]